DXY 4HR Analysis – No Sign of a Reversal! Bull Channel Continues

DXY refused to fall below 4HR 200EMA support last week and had a fantastic bounce to the upside. This bounce solidified the current bull channel we are in, with no sign of a reversal in sight. There is currently a gap between 106.672 and 109.000, which is the next weekly resistance zone noted from July 2022.

How do we trade this? Probability shows that breakouts are roughly 10% of price action on the charts. Until we see a bear breakout of this channel, we should remain long.


DXY 4HR Analysis - No Sign of a Reversal! Bull Channel Continues

Trade Strategies:
For a swing trade, long it if the price action is in the bottom 20% of this channel and place your stop loss a few pips below the 4HR 200EMA. This gives you at least a 1:2 Risk/Reward ratio where you can take partial or complete profits (depending on your strategy). I placed an example long in this chart, an opportunity that has already passed.

You can also scalp your way to victory, but this requires you to lower your reward and increase your risk to gain probability of a profit. The proper stop of the 4HR chart is below the 200EMA or at least, below the bull channel bottom by a handful of PIPs. The further away you enter from that stop, the smaller your position size should be such that your total loss is the same as your 1:2 Risk/Reward ratio.

The Math
If we're applying the 2% rule in trading, meaning you cannot lose more than 2% of your total account equity on a single trade and your total equity is $10,000, then your maximum allowed loss is $200. Your position size should always be relative to your maximum loss which is determined by where your stop loss is placed.

This means a scalp at a 2:1 Risk/Reward ratio provides a profit of $100 at risk of losing $200. In a bull channel, the probability is on your side. If you took 10 trades scalping and won 8 out of 10 trades using this math, you would be up $400.

Using the Swing strategy, your probability is lower at the bottom of the channel, but your potential reward is greater, and your risk is lower($200 Reward and $100 Risk). If you won 5 out of 10 trades, you would be up $500.

As always, trade at your own risk, you are responsible for your trades, and I hope this information was helpful.


Trade wisely and let us know what you think in the comment section below!