FTM Time to Buy!? Or Will The Price Fall Back to $0.20?

FTM is in a strong bull channel eyeing a target of $0.42 at the Weekly 200EMA! But with Bitcoin potentially pulling back, will it hinder FTM's chances of reaching the target?


How do we trade this?

FTM Time to Buy!? Or Will The Price Fall Back to $0.20?


The most important aspect of this moment is that FTM is in a bull channel, which means the probability of profit is greater when longing. There are no definitive reversal patterns yet, so we should be looking for long entries. Bitcoin may be signaling a minor pullback as shown in my recent analysis, and if that pans out, it may hinder FTM's ability to climb in price. This will likely bring FTM down to $0.325 at the bull channel support line, where we should look for either a bounce or breakout to the downside.

A bounce should consist of a bull signal bar followed by confirmation, a strong bull bar closing on or near its high. If the price falls through the channel support, we should be looking for a strong bear bar closing near its low followed by a test of the channel low. At this point, we should be looking for a short entry.


Key Points

1. Bull Channel, Always in Long
2. Weekly 200EMA Target
3. Gap to bottom of channel, $0.325
4. Bitcoin leading indicator, risk of pullback
5. RSI around 55.00, Wait for more Price Action.


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