GBPUSD → Reverse to the Downside This Week!? Or Blast Upward?

GBPUSD is flirting with the resistance zone, leaving the bulls wondering if another fall in this trading range is upon us this week. But is the dollar strong enough to take the British Pound into the ground?


How do we trade this?

GBPUSD → Reverse to the Downside This Week!? Or Blast Upward?

The price is currently in a trading range between 1.20000 and 1.28000 and we're getting close to the resistance zone where the Weekly 200EMA resides. If you're not already in a trade, it's worth waiting to see what happens at the resistance zone. A bear signal bar closing on or near its low below the resistance line is a good indicator that the price will fail to rise above again and would be a reasonable short. Stop loss above the resistance zone top and take profit just above the Support Zone around 1.21000.

If the price finds its way above the resistance lines and closes a bull candle on or near its high, it would be reasonable to long with a protective stop just below the resistance zone. Target prices as high as 1.33000 and 1.40000.


Key Takeaways

1. Trading Range after Bull Run, Bias to Long.
2. Near the Resistance Zone, Look for a Reversal Signal.
3. If Shorting, Watch the 200EMA for Support.
4. The Dollar Index may fall more, wait for the bottom.
5. RSI near 70.00, Bias to Short.


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