LINK → Chainlink About to Breakout!? Let’s Maximize Profits!

Chainlink bounced off the top of the Resistance Zone at $20.00 and is threatening to break out. Is this a situation that calls for a long or a short?


How do we trade this? 🤔

LINK → Chainlink About to Breakout!? Let's Maximize Profits!

Never long in a Resistance Zone! But also, don't short prematurely. I believe LINK will make an attempt to break out of the Resistance Zone, but we need confirmation of the break before we can enter a long trade. Wait for a strong close above $20 followed by a test of the Resistance Zone as support. Once we see a strong bull bar closing on or near its high after a bounce on the Resistance Zone, we have the justification to enter a long trade.

I do believe that Bitcoin has a high likelihood of pulling back into the $30,000-$35,000 range before we see new all-time highs. Such an event will likely drag the altcoin market down with it. This is partially why this trade is set up to take half profits at 1:1 Risk/Reward and move the stop loss up to the entry price, locking in profits. The remainder of the trade can then be executed without worry of loss.


💡 Trade Idea 💡

Long Entry: $21.60
🟥 Stop Loss: $17.185
✅ Take Profit #1: $26.00
✅ Take Profit #2: $34.85
⚖️ Risk/Reward Ratio: 1:3


🔑 Key Takeaways 🔑

1. Two strong pushes to the upside
2. Strong resistance at the Resistance Zone
3. Price action still above EMA ribbons
4. Wait for a break, close, and test of the Resistance Zone as support to enter a long trade
5. RSI at 70.00 and above the moving average, supports pullback then long


💰 Trading Tip 💰
Trends typically have three legs in either direction. Signals of a reversal include strong buy or sell bars with large wicks, higher highs and lower lows get weaker, and responses to the reverse direction get stronger. Confirmation lies with double and triple bottoms with a strong candle closing on or near its low/high.


⚠️ Risk Warning! ⚠️
Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. You are solely responsible for your trades. Trade at your own risk!


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