MATIC Another Leg Down? Or Will We Bounce To The Upside?

MATIC is currently pulling back from its fanning bull channel into a bear channel that currently has two pushes down. This could be a 2-legged trap and the completion of the pullback before heading toward the upside.


How do we trade this?

MATIC Another Leg Down? Or Will We Bounce To The Upside?


In the short term, we should be looking for shorts since we've identified this bear channel. If the current 4HR candle closes on or near its low, that's a reasonable short setup to take with a tight stop above the bear channel resistance (4HR 30EMA). A 1:2 Risk/Reward ratio should be the target take profit in this setup while keeping a close eye on that 200EMA showing support. If a bull bar closing on or near its high shows itself, time to get out. The RSI is around 45.00 and above the Moving Average, not a strong indicator for either direction, but there is room to fall.


Key Points

1. Bear Channel, Bias to Short.
2. Two Pushes Down, Looking for a Third!
3. The 200EMA may act as support.
4. RSI around 45, Indecisive.
5. Third leg down, small position Short.


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