Solana Getting Ready for a Dump? Here’s How to Trade This!

Solana pulled back to the bull channel support after ripping to $68.00. We're seeing some strong bull channel support at $51.00, but is it enough to continue the trend? There are a few ways we can look at this chart, let's explore.


How do we trade this?

Solana Getting Ready for a Dump? Here's How to Trade This!


Entering a trade at this level is weak. Bull channel support and the previous resistance levels are very close to the current price and we don't have a strong signal either way. It's reasonable to be biased toward a long since we're in a bull channel, but we have not seen a strong confirmation bar. Bitcoin, as a leading indicator, is also failing to break Weekly resistance and is signaling a pullback, which may impact Solana's ability to go up. RSI is also around 60 and while not a strong indicator, gives us *some* bias toward the downside.

We need a sell signal at resistance, or a strong buy signal on bull channel support with follow-through before entering a trade. A reasonable stop loss for a long is below the bull channel support or below the 30EMA and above the previous resistance if we're shorting. The bottom line, we need a little more price action before rushing into a trade.

Key Points

1. Bull Channel, Look for Long Entry.
2. Near Previous Resistance.
3. Wait for a sell signal at Bull Channel Resistance.
4. Wait for a breakout of Previous Resistance.
5. RSI is near 60, Bias toward the downside.

You are solely responsible for your trades, trade at your own risk!

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