TON → Sideways Forever! Until Now?? Let’s Maximize Your Profits.

TON has been meandering sideways for weeks after its bear drop in November. Are we ready to take a trade?


How do we trade this? 🤔

TON → Sideways Forever! Until Now?? Let's Maximize Your Profits.

We have a gap to the previous Support Area, price rejection at the Daily 200EMA, a useless RSI reading, and Bitcoin hinting at a move to the downside. This isn't a perfect setup, but we have enough to consider a small position 1:1 Risk/Reward scalp to the downside. Wait for a break below the 30EMA with a bear candle closing on or near its low. It's then reasonable, with a small position size, to take a short trade back to the Support Area. Keep an eye on Bitcoin's behavior as well. A good dive from Bitcoin could take the rest of the market in that direction.


💡 Trade Idea 💡

Short Entry: $2.1750
🟥 Stop Loss: $2.2700
✅ Take Profit: $2.0800
⚖️ Risk/Reward Ratio: 1:1


🔑 Key Takeaways 🔑

1. Price Rejected above 200EMA.
2. Gap to Support area, Bias to short.
3. Wait for Bull Sell Candle Closing Below 30EMA
4. RSI at 50.00 and Above Moving Average, Indecision.
5. Bitcoin may Pullback or Reverse, could influence TON Price.


💰 Trading Tip 💰
Lower probability trades with Risk/Reward Ratios around 1:1 should have small position sizes. The risk is too great and the probability doesn't carry enough to make the trade worth risking your maximum allowed loss.


⚠️ Risk Warning! ⚠️
Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. You are solely responsible for your trades. Trade at your own risk!


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