TRX to $0.12? Prepare for a Long!

TRX continues to march into its current bull channel, pressing on for higher prices. The price just touched the channel resistance and is pulling back, but to what price? We have the previous high in the channel at $0.095 then the 30EMA and bull channel support around $0.09.

How do we trade this?

TRX to $0.12? Prepare for a Long!


We're in a bull channel, which means our probability of profit is higher if we long. If you longed at the channel support every time the price made contact, you would make money. Let the trend do the talking and follow it. We should be looking for entries near two key support levels: the 30EMA and bull channel support, which is around $0.09.

Do we simply long when that price is hit? Absolutely not. Wait for a strong bull signal bar closing on or near its high at those levels, confirming that the support is still being respected. Once you see that bounce, it's reasonable to enter a long, place a protective stop just below the channel support, and set your take profit somewhere in the top 20% of the channel as shown in my analysis. This gives you a 1:3 Risk/Reward ratio, meaning you could run this trade 10 times, hit your take profit 30% of the time, and still be profitable.

Bitcoin is also at risk of pulling back since it's near Weekly resistance; see my recent analysis for reference. TRX RSI is also around 70.00 which is a weak indicator on its own, but supports the previous data points mentioned here.


Key Points

1. Bull Channel. Look for Long Entries.
2. Channel Resistance Touched. Pullback in Progress.
3. Bitcoin Leading Indicator, Risk of Pullback.
4. RSI near 70.00, Plenty of Room to Fall.
5. Look for Bull Signal at Weekly 30EMA.


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