TWT → Beginning to Reverse? Maximum profits can be yours!

TWT has been in a descending channel since November 7th, a classic burn-off pattern after a strong bull capitulation to $1.82. The downward pressure appears to be waning and we may be getting ready for a reversal.


How do we trade this?

TWT Token Beginning to Reverse? Maximum profits can be yours!


The trend is always king when making trading decisions, meaning it should be the strongest data point in your analysis. However your analysis should *never* end there, you want as few data points to consider as possible without excluding what's important. A balancing act that takes time to cultivate and perfect.

We're in a downward trend (bias to short), we're below the 30EMA and 200EMAs (bias to short), we had what appears to be a bear capitulation candle (bias to long), RSI is below the Moving Average at 46.00 (indecisive, but could aid the bias to short).

The conclusion? Short-term bias to short, but watch out for a double bottom reversal after that bear capitulation. Shorting to just above the previous low around $1.05 is reasonable *if* we see a strong bear signal bar closing on or near its low. Protective stop should be placed just above the 30EMA and 200EMA. Take profit at $1.05 or if we get a bull reversal signal prior, and watch for long confirmations.


Key Points

1. Descending Channel, Bias to Short.
2. Capitulation Bear Candle, Could be the End of the Downside Movement.
3. Look for double bottom to Long.
4. Short to previous Low.
5. RSI at 46.00, below Moving Average.


You are solely responsible for your trades, trade at your own risk!

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