USD/CAD Daily Chart Analysis – The Bulls Push for a Breakout!

USD/CAD broke out of weekly resistance last Thursday with some solid strength, touching 1.37850. The price action fell back down to the Daily 30EMA at 1.35700 and bounced back to the resistance line at 1.37000, but failed to break out this time. USD/CAD fell back down to the Daily 9EMA and gave a slight bounce to the upside before the week closed.

The buy pressure is there, but are we going to break out?


USD/CAD Daily Chart Analysis - The Bulls Push for a Breakout!

What we need:
-We need a higher high on the Daily chart that closes above the Weekly Resistance at 1.37000
-Follow that breakout with a test of 1.37000 Support. A Daily close again, above 1.37000, will confirm the breakout.

[b]What we have:[/b] -A Bull Channel without a sign of a reversal.
-Strong Bull bar and bull run from September 29th.
-Weak reaction to the Weekly resistance.
-We are currently sitting on a minor support line. Look to the left on this chart and see the price action sitting on it.
-A third attempt to break out of this Weekly bear channel, which is now a bull flag.
-DXY is strong and just closed Weekly bull candle. More upside looks promising.

All that being said, a long at this very moment would be risky. We *need* confirmation of the breakout as described above before entering a long. Once we get that confirmation above 1.37000, a long to the upper side of the bull channel around 1.40000 is reasonable, taking profits along the way.

Trade wisely and let us know what you think in the comment section below!