USDJPY → Falling to 1.46? Or Rocket to 1.52? Lets Answer That.

USDJPY fell below the 30EMA to my previously predicted area of 147.100 then immediately bounced back to 150.000 only to stall and leave us wondering what the next move will be.


How do we trade this?

USDJPY → Falling to 1.46? Or Rocket to 1.52? Lets Answer That.

We're in a bull channel which should put us in a bias to long. But we have a double top reversal signal at a key level of resistance (the previous Weekly high of 152.000 staring us in the face. We need to see what happens here at the 30EMA. If we get a strong bear bar closing on or near its low, shorting to the bull channel bottom around 146.300 or even the previous high of 145.000 is reasonable. The protective stop should be just above the 30EMA.

You can also wait for a long at the bull channel support or previous high support, looking for a bull channel signal bar and confirmation closing on or near its high. Protective stop just below those levels with a take profit at the 30EMA and then the previous high of 152.000.


Key Takeaways

1. Bull Channel, Bias to Long.
2. Double Top Reversal Signal. Close the Gap to Bull Channel Support.
3. Fell below 30EMA, Gap to Bull Channel Support
4. Previous Channel High of 145.000 Final Target.
5. Wait for Bear Signal Bar for Confirmation to Short.
6. RSI at 47.00, below Moving Average. Supports Short.


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